Modern Bohemian Wall Art Decor Ideas


Bohemian decor means to use and work with different ideas, textures, colors, and elements to decorate your place. It is necessary to decorate the bed, floor as well as the roof. But the decoration of the wall with different arts is also important. To decorate the room’s walls we mostly use adorable artwork, DIY crafts, elegant print arts as well as breath-taking plants and different hangings. Moreover, the two most important things that every designer or a true bohemian lover uses to design the wall is yarn macrame and fabric tapestries. Both these ideas are too impressive to boost up the attraction power of any place. These bohemian wall art not just beautify the rooms but also easily available, reasonable in rates and easily adjustable with roop and nails. Let’s have a look at these bohemian wall art ideas.

Bohemian Wall Art Decor (1)This is a beautiful wall decoration idea to boost up the shine of your bohemian style bedroom decor with it. It is showcasing some of the best, eye-catching unique crafts like the adorable wall macrame, the large size cap, and the adorable round hangings as well.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (2)Here we have the dark color long fringes wall decor macrame with drifted wood in it. It is light in weight so will be easily adjustable on any wall of the house. Moreover, you can also craft it on your own with having few skills of crocheting. It is really graceful to make your place really bohemian inspired.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (3)If you want to select a colorful bohemian style wall decor in your living room, just pick up one of these given below! All are different in designs, created with the easily available crochet yarn and indeed quite inexpensive. It is stylish and the real representative of bohemian wall decor.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (4)Grab out such a beautiful bohemian wall decor idea that is featuring breath-taking plants, adorable wall macrame hanging, and lots of bohemian vibes all around the place. Bringing plants inside the room simply beautifies the place and add glow to your dream place as well. This macrame adjustment with the plants is making an impressive combination.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (5)Now mix and match different ideas to decorate your house wall as according to bohemian decor ideas. Here this adorable decor is featuring bohemian wall decor macrame hanging, bamboo wood made elephant decor and the adorable mirror project as well. These all are making this place really boho-chic.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (6)Decent and the small, this adorable wall decoration idea will be a part of your bedroom. This macrame design will make the place looks boosted with bohemian feels. Moreover, reasonable in rates and also available in more designs. It will be right to term it an important part of bohemian home decor.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (7)These beautiful wall decor boho-style macrame with shelf will for sure change the entire look of your room. Adorable selection of yarn and the further patterns especially the fringes and the addition of shelves all is adding glamour to this idea.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (8)If you are really interested in macrame and wishing to have many attractive colors in it, then opt. this fantastic design is shown here. Offering the best style and lots of colors, these both wall hangings have the power to make your life colorful with its bohemian glow.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (9)Just look at this completely unique wall hanging all presented to provide you something really exceptional. This adorable creation is first completed with the mix and match of many designs and materials. But as completes, it’s appearing really boho-chic!

Bohemian Wall Art Decor (10)Want to try something exception in decorating your wall with the great boho-style theme? This interesting wall macrame is all created to make your dream for it came true. You will love this wonderful idea. Actually, this idea is shared especially for the real loves, artist people and fans of bohemian decor.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (11)Artwork, styling, and use of different textures is the best combination to boost up the bohemian effects in the room. Here this braze circle made fringes macrame is catching the attention with its lovely looks. Once hung on the wall, it will really look amazing!

Bohemian Wall Art Decor (12)

This time, you can use your skills to design the most adorable bohemian wall decoration idea. Created with the shining thread but the designing is really breath-taking. I think creating such an inspirational boho-chic style wall decor will definitely make your place impressive.

Bohemian Wall Art Decor (13)The bohemian decoration is a name of mixing, matching, implementation of differents styles at one place. When all these ideas and elements combine, it completely looks boho-chic. That’s why we are using numbers of impressive decor crafts to make this wall looks really a description of bohemian decor.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (14)Another adorable wall hanging macrame is waiting for your attention. This fringes wall decoration idea is all created to give the place, the inspiring bohemian glow. This latest bohemian wall decor will add fun and style in your bedroom as well as in the living room.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (15)Don’t waste your time on expensive wall decoration crafts and go grab such an inspiring bohemian wall hanging idea. Both the large one and the small is boosted with elegance. The graceful white color macrame on the white theme wall making all looks cool and relaxing.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (16)Give your bedroom a new look with these fantastic wall macrame shown below in the picture. Looks attractive and graceful, at the same time, reasonable in prices. If you are really searching to make your place boho-chic do try this interesting bohemian decor project of wall macrame.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (17)Bohemian decoration basically describes the casual and cool look to the places. In this amazing decoration, you have work with your own ideas and have to place your inspiring items. I am also using one of my favorite wall macrame that looks very graceful on this greyish wall.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (18)White is always a great part of the bohemian decor and when opted-in bohemian wall decoration, you will find it fabulous. Here I am adding the free-spirited bohemian feel to my place with lots of inspiring elements but the most important one is this elegant wall tapestry.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (19)Look at the inspiring beauty of this macrame wall decor hangings. This is all created with the lovely use of different patterns and unique color of yarn. Basically, the use of drifted wood is also a reason for natural attraction in this project. No doubt, this macrame is quite different from the others.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (20)The adorable drifted wood wall tapestry seems ready to enhance the beauty of the wall with its shine and beauty. It is one of the easiest ways to shine up the room, living rooms and every part of the house with boho-chic effects. This boho-style idea is amazing to make it a part of your house decor. The designing is adorable, moreover, you can also copy it to create the smaller one for your place.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (21)Here this beautiful picture description is providing the idea to create another fantastic wall decor hanging. Use of different wall decoration items is very much important when you are working to create a lovely bohemian touch in your surroundings. This is really beautiful!
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (22)Do try something different and graceful with this fantastic boho-style wall decoration idea. Boosted with the elegance of bohemian decoration, this project will make everything adorable with its appealing effects. This wall decoration idea is further made impressive with bright yellow shine.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (23)Do you have some creative skills especially in crocheting with the very useful yarn? If yes, do try this adorable designing of the wall decor hanging. These both are confidently designed to add the great bohemian texture and elegance to this room. You can also adjust these on colorful walls to make it look more impressive.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (24)This is an attractive wall decor idea to create boho-style beauty all around you. This interested rustic basket, colorful flowers, and the white yarn macrame really making a remarkable combination. Must try it if you are a true lover of artistic bohemian ideas.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (25)This white fringe wall hanging will really boost up the shining level of your area by beautifying the wall perfectly. Adding grace to any room simply with one or two wall decor arts is only possible in bohemian decoration ideas. So we are all using it here for you!
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (26)This driftwood wall hanging idea will give your room the sophisticated bohemian feel within your budget. The simple and delicate use of yarn with the smart use of dye over it. Moreover, the other small decoration ideas are also important in completing the bohemian look in this room.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (27)This deep dye wall hanging is another beautiful idea we are sharing confidently with you. Bright colors are the backbone of bohemian decor. You can use it in different style, like in-wall printing art, in different decorating pieces and indeed, like this elegant, eye-catching wall macrame to fulfill your bohemian desire.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (28)Driftwood wall macrame hangings are always a reason for attraction in wall decoration. Decorating the room in bohemian look without considering the decoration of the wall is impossible. If you are new and looking for something perfect, do try this boho-chic idea.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (29)This picture given below is showing the wonderful designing of three different boho-style wall hanging ideas. Actually, these wall macrame are created in different styles so that you can choose and design the best inspiring one. The macrame with shelf, with the brass ring or with flowers and the fringe, which one is your favorite? Do share it with us!
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (30)Why wait for something really cheap available in the market for the decoration of your house’s wall in bohemian grace? Don’t! Just try this inspiring DIY bohemian wall macrame that looks fresher with the placement of panting pot close to it.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (31)What a natural grace in such a delicate wall decor idea? It is because showcasing the impressive effects of bohemain decor. The beautiful dates tree art with some exceptional artwork and the yarn macrame, all looks perfect in this boho-style bedroom decor.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (32)This fantastic bohemian wall decor macrame hanging idea will add colors to your room. Not just beautify just according to your demands but at the same time, it’s budget-friendly. Here the homemaker worked brilliantly to dip-dye this homemade wall macrame idea.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (33)Give a glowing effect to your room with such a magnificent bohemian wall decor idea. This is made of simple, but the very useful crochet thread. Lots of colors and the smart designing with it is boosting up the shining effects of this DIY craft. Do try this appealing boho-chic wall decor!
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (34)Creating a beautiful boho-inspired bohemian macrame at home is not difficult at all. You can easily work with the patterns you are familiar with. Here this fantastic bohemian macrame is designed with lots of mix and match of patterns. We hope you will use it to decorate your room’s wall in bohemian shine.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (35)Crocheting is one of the best artists among all and when it is used to decorate the house with bohemian decor, it works brilliantly. This delicate boho-chic wall macrame is showing the graceful color combinations and delicate combining of styles… In simple, it’s just amazing to decorate the wall.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (36)Look at this shining wall decor idea that is all created with an inspiration to have bohemian effects. The adorable twinkling lights and the some of the best decoration items making a fantastic combination in this wall decor. This boho-style idea will add glow to your room definitely.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (37)Another graceful DIY boho-style wall macrame idea that looks boho-chic in the very first appearance. Designed with the mixing and use of various patterns. Actually, such types of wall hangings play a very important role in boosting up the free-spirited vibe in the room. No doubt, this adorable macrame is blending tradition and modern beauty inside in it.

Bohemian Wall Art Decor (38)Here this interesting boho-inspired wall tapestry is made of white elegant woolen thread. Looks completely unique and heart-winning idea to add the real boho-feel in your house especially in the bedroom. Moreover, the purple velvet flowers are adding shine to this idea. If you are planning to create red flowers instead of purple, it will really look amazing too.
Bohemian Wall Art Decor (39) Bohemian Wall Art Decor (40) Bohemian Wall Art Decor (41) Bohemian Wall Art Decor (42) Bohemian Wall Art Decor (43) Bohemian Wall Art Decor (44) Bohemian Wall Art Decor (45) Bohemian Wall Art Decor (46) Bohemian Wall Art Decor (47) Bohemian Wall Art Decor (48) Bohemian Wall Art Decor (49) Bohemian Wall Art Decor (50)


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