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Kitchen is the most important room/part of the house. This is because it is the center of your home where most of the family time is spent cooking meals together, eating in the kitchen or having guests over in your house and socializing in the kitchen. This is why it is important to decorate your kitchen in a way that it looks inviting and pleases the eyes. Below are some ideas on how you can personalize your kitchen with modern, boho, antique or chic decor which will grab everyone’s attention and your kitchen decor will stand out.

Bohemian Kitchen Decor (1)Starting off with the plain white kitchen with a few decor pieces here and there. If you have a small kitchen, you can customize your kitchen with more white colors, as white will help to make a small kitchen look a bit spacious. Moreover, the best you can do is also add some fresh green plants to your shelves to add a boho feel to it.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (2)Like you would design your cozy bedroom, do the same with your kitchen. You can pile on prints as you like which is a signature boho style. Starting off with an accent wall which is covered in one printed pattern, and a colorful rug in on the other side. The addition of pastel-colored cabinets will add some bohemian spice and coziness to your kitchen decor.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (3)What’s better than having a load of freshness and greenery in the most important part of your house, the kitchen. The best combo of a white themed kitchen is with green and brown boho-styled decor. You can add some classic bamboo crockery along with fresh plants to make your kitchen look breathable.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (4)The white color never fails to give a kitchen design a timeless and spacious look. This stylish bohemian kitchen decor, including everything from white cabinets to sleek white walls, is sure to be served as an inspiration from Boho houses. All-white kitchen palette with a bit of greenery always feels very inviting.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (5)A kitchen always looks better with plants. You can have the winning boho kitchen design down to a science by using both modern and traditional elements into your decor. The cute breakfast table in between the room can be utilized nicely for morning family breakfasts or with guests who come to your home.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (7)When in doubt, go for boho classics, like fit in ovens, plain white walls and cabinets and a few signature boho bamboo plants here and there. Placing a rug on your kitchen floor can also add some comfort. Just to add a little color to the white theme, you can give a touch of black and other colors on different spots.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (8)An exposed visible brick wall is always a good idea. incorporating beautiful bohemian styled textures, light but solid wall paint, and the best kitchen materials complement the look of the kitchen. Having exposed crockery on the shelves with the same color as the kitchen theme looks pretty and eye-catching too.

Bohemian Kitchen Decor (9)If you’re having kids at home or if you’re a person who enjoys colors, then having a bright boho type and colorful kitchen is fun! With a lot of brightly painted drawers and cabinets, bold and solid-colored walls, your kitchen will be spruced up with all the colors complementing each other. Even better is to colorize your kitchen, this way it can be as easy as adding several cherry-picked accessories and yet give a nice boho feel.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (10)The color white can be paired with any color of your choice. Most of the bright colors, stand out perfectly when paired with simple white. Cherry on top is to add some boho inspired colorful decor. Here in this kitchen decor, you can play with colorful kitchen accessories to add a vibe to your decor. Adding a few plants will also add freshness to your space.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (11)Even the small spaces can be utilized perfectly and look good if you know the right stuff to do with it. A small kitchen which has a big see-through window will always make it look bigger and better with a bit of soft color to add a bohemian feel. To organize your cooking utensils, place a shelf over your cooking range and decorate with fresh plants along with your utensils to make it look clean.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (12)A strong accent wall in a white-themed kitchen will add radiance and texture to your space. Adding some cool picture frames, some hanging lamps and other accessories will spruce up your kitchen making it look boho inspired and your guests will love it too. This way, the kitchen will look simple, yet beautiful. A neat and clean kitchen always makes cooking pleasing.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (13)There is plenty to love in this boho styled kitchen with that classic wooden floor and those fresh green plants bring a cheerful contrast to the space. The old styled wall decor and hanging plants make the kitchen look earthy.Bohemian Kitchen Decor (14)White kitchen theme along with wooden textures added to it has always been beautiful and a perfect example of boho style. However, in the decor inspo below, there is an addition of a beautiful blue colored brick wall which is enhancing the overall look of the kitchen. Placing wooden shelves and arranging accessories on it makes it look boho inspired and organized.Bohemian Kitchen Decor (15) This is a perfectly boho themed kitchen which will win many hearts. This is one of the ways to make your kitchen look chic yet comfy. adding comfortable fur to your kitchen chairs will invite your guests to socialize with you in the kitchen. The old-style brick walls add texture and the plants add color.Bohemian Kitchen Decor (16)Rattan decor is an ideal pick for a boho-inspired theme. The unique texture, designs, and nature of rattan will make an ideal pick for kitchen wall bohemian decor. Rattan wall decor has a way of adding class and elegance to your home in the best way. In the picture below, all the focus is on the kitchen wall. But along with it, you can always add plants to get some color in your kitchen interiors.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (17)If you love boho themes, you shouldn’t always focus only on the theme color but also how you can mix and match things by organizing crockery and other accessories which suits the boho theme. You can place some tribal designed crockery over the shelves and keep the kitchen paint in white color as the rest of your accessories will pop out on white color.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (18)Gray and white colored kitchens always get their mix right! it is a nice boho combination that is surely bound to turn heads even while exuding understated elegance. The hardware that’s put into the decor, textiles, and lighting completes the look of this kitchen with perfection. Add in some good wooden accessories to add more spice to your space.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (19)Bohemian style is all about colors and mixed patterns! Use some colorful printed tiles over your stove wall to spruce up your old boring wall. Addition of indoor plants and wooden floor, maybe something like Morrocon rugs too combines this style with bohemian chic very well.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (20)Dark green painted cabinets in this bright white kitchen pairs with evergreen arrangements around the windows and exposed beams. The printed colored adds a hint of a boho feel to the interiors of the kitchen. The white color in the kitchen of walls and crockery provides just enough contrast to the dark, matte green cabinetry.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (21)Fairy lights are perfect to add in any room of your house, even in the kitchen! These lights add a magical charm to any space. They can make small kitchens look warm, cozy and romantic. You can decorate the flooring of the kitchen with crochet rugs to add a boho vibe in your kitchen. Indoor plants will also play a part in adding a boho feel and freshness to the kitchen.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (22)Exposed crockery and wooden furniture is the perfect example of a boho style. You can give your kitchen a stylish and unique boho touch by using wooden ceiling pendants which will serve as focal points in the kitchen appearance. Paint the walls white or cream to ensure that the decor is the focus of attention.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (23)Below is a perfect example of a British styled kitchen with touches of boho decor. A quirky wooden floor can create an eclectic ambiance in the kitchen. You can mix different colorful paintings on white painted walls and contemporary accessories to achieve a playful atmosphere that’s still bohemian-influenced. Addition of tribal rugs will add the boho vibe to the interiors.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (24)Indoor plants look very nice on bright backgrounds like white shelves or kitchen cabinets. Warm tones like dark brown or light browns also add a perfect touch. You can also add some crochet wall hangings like dream catchers to add more life to your kitchen wall. 
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (25)Bored with the same old kitchen? Painting or revamping just some of your walls and cabinets can make a smart impact. You can carefully and artfully pair two or more vibrant colors which will really make a bohemian statement in a kitchen. Adding fresh plants will add more vibrancy to your kitchen and will set a perfect example of boho interiors.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (26)A lot of prints look so gorgeous in any space. You can add printed tiles, rugs or accessories to make your kitchen look lit! Adding wooden shelves with exposed crockery will also look chic. The little corner of such vibrancy will stand out separately in your kitchen. Creating a bohemian standout feature is a terrific way to get a new hue while updating your kitchen.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (27)Keep it chic and simple while adding hints of boho style to your kitchen. Hanging decor with plants and cooking utensils can utilize the hanging space pretty well. You can also utilize the space over your cabinets with rattan baskets and pots to not make space look boring. The breakfast table in the middle can also be decorated.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (28)One of the really easiest and most cost-effective ways is to update your kitchen is to nix some upper cabinets and replace them with wooden shelves instead. You can arrange your favorite spices on those shelves which can be used in the cooking as well as decor pieces. The floor can be carpeted with bohemian prints to add a nice feel to the kitchen.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (29)Green indoor plants are perfect for hanging over your sink or by a window. It adds a beautiful splash of color to any kitchen. Not only do these plants serve a purpose of decoration but are also good to purify the air around you. Hanging plants are great to add a boho feel to your surroundings. You can also arrange these plants over your breakfast table and have perfect morning gatherings with your family.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (30)The boho styled rugs that are tribal printed are a great way to add color in a neutral-toned kitchen, and they add a little comfort cushioning underfoot in a space where you spend a lot of time on your feet for cooking or serving guests. In addition, to make it look more boho-styled, you can add wooden shelves and decorate it with antique or wooden crockery and decoration pieces. Moreover, money plants around the ceiling of the kitchen will brighten up your space.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (31)Having a catchy print on your wall will give a major, visual impact on the eyes. With such black zigzag prints on a plain white wall will add life to the boring wall. Adding a woven rug on the floor will add boho style to it and the open shelves will pair up nicely too.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (32)Pastel themed colors are so in these days. It gives a lovely twist on the standard white kitchen. Adding pale and subtle colors is an effective way to brighten up a space while maintaining a neutral palette. In the picture below, the kitchen is painted in pastel pink and is accessorized with rose gold utensils and shelf. A printed, bright pink rug is spread on the floor to add a boho feel in the kitchen and a bit of contrast to the surrounding colors.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (33)Woven hanging baskets in a variety of weaves make a statement as pretty decor plus, they’ll fit your pocket. This kitchen features brown baskets to match the wooden floor, but feel free to match the baskets to your kitchen’s color theme. Adding a center breakfast table with fur and comfortable chairs and basket chairs will add such an authentic boho style to the decor.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (34)Adding a boho feel to a shabby chic style kitchen has never been easy. All you have to do is add some fresh indoor plants and a pop of color by adding a tribal printed rug to match the white color scheme of the kitchen. Adding plants near your windows will make a focal point in your kitchen.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (35)Colorful interiors always describe the boho style perfectly. With a lot of textures, prints, and colors, it’s easy to add a maximum boho feel to any space. Moreover, it looks so fun and pleasing to the eyes. Additionally, some boho styled crockery on the slab will look gorgeous.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (36)It’s not as much about where you organize your furniture, it is about the types of pieces you choose to make your space look pleasing to the eyes and make a small kitchen look spacious and breathable. The addition of plants and colors that complements each other add boho radiance to the room, especially the printed curtains.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (37)This all wooden kitchen decor is the right kind of boho. With crockery stacked over the shelves, warm toned rug and open cabinets gives the boho kitchen theme a fuller look. Those who are old-school type will love this decor and its interiors. The breakfast table in the middle is a great touch of morderinsm along with boho.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (38)Going for a classic color palette for your kitchen interiors can sometimes really pay off. The below picture has featured bold black walls along with white cabinets and shelves and gray printed tiled floor. This decor adds visual interest to the eyes. The paintings on the slab and the wall hangings add a great boho feel to the interiors which is sure to inspire others who see it too.
Bohemian Kitchen Decor (39)Here you’ll see a range of colors and textures, all styled in a boho way. The best is to paint your kitchen white and add colorful accessories over it to make it pop. The hanging plants on the shelves and woven/rattan baskets are a symbol of a boho-inspired kitchen. The rugs are of ethnic designed which complements the boho decor.
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